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The Matienzo Caves Project (MCP) was started in 1960. Matienzo is a very unique karst massif in Northern Spain. MCP is an amazing group of people and I love being a part of it, and the subgroup Matienzo Karst Entomology Project (MKEP). You can follow MKEP on twitter @karstentomology
matienzoBodega EntranceFormation RiftColumnConnection to Top EntranceCrazy TwistsDancing HelictitesExtra Special Pot (ESP) - Swizzle SticksFerret's CurtainsFootleg in Root Straws in ESPFormation Chamber in Middle EntranceHeart ChamberLenny's FormationsFour HolesLenny's Trunk PassageBack of the CaveMad Axe Woman - footleg tree rootsMiranda ClimbingPhotographer Passage - Helmets off for ConservationRed Pike Junction