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Bioluminescence, Fluorescence and phosphorescence: I love using science to show things in a new light.
Fluorescence is when there is no change in electron spin and is short lived (for example, seeing glow under a UV light, but not when the UV light is removed).
Phosphorescence involves a change in electron spin and continues after excitation source is removed (such as the glow-in-the-dark stars on a child's bedroom ceiling).
In addition, this collection has bioluminescence, which is caused by biochemical reactions to create glow (such as fireflies).
GlowFluorescent - Cave CrayfishFluorescent Crayfish -Orconectes australisFluorescent TN Cave SalamanderFluorescent BishopellaFluorescent PseudotremiaFluorescent ScoterpesFluorescent Scorpion - Vaejovis carolinianusOrfelia fultoni - "glowworm"Orfelia fultoni - whole larvae glowingOrfelia fultoni - whole larvaeFireflies - "Twilight Bush Babies" (Photinus australis)Phosphoresent FlowstonePhosphorescent Color FlowPhosphorescent HelictitesPhosphorescent Soda StrawYellow Glow (Phosphorescence)Bioluminescent Fungi "Foxfire" in a Pit Cave