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These are collections of some of my favourite photos from over the years. I update these periodically.

All photos are for sale, please contact me to purchase so I can ensure that your needs are met. I do offer portraits (human & pets) in natural outdoor settings to those willing to travel to Northeast Alabama.

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The Queens Chamber

Cave Chambers

Large passages, cave chambers, and formation grottos.
Flourescent  Cave Crayfish jpg


Bioluminescence, phosphorescence, and fluorescence, all delight and amaze me. All these unique ways for nature to produce "glow".
Cave  Bacon

Cave Formations

Images focusing on specific formations, including macro photography.
Pete and the Column

UK Underground

An entire mixture of cave photography from the UK, from chambers to pits to formations.
Blowing Hole jpg


Focusing on the vertical nature of caves, from tall canyons to pits to domes and everything in-between.
Photographer Passage


Photographs from below ground in Matienzo, Spain. I love studying and exploring the caves here as a part of MKEP and MCP.
Lesser Horseshoe Bat jpg

Cave Biology

Bats, salamanders, invertebrates, and more! There will be spider photos in here.
Aurora Borealis near Myvatn 01 fire in the sky jpg


Enjoying the above-ground world and all of it's wonders. Landscapes from travels local and abroad.
1t rappeling down 04 jpg


Yes, I do take pictures of people (and pets!) in natural settings. If you want photos in nature this is my specialty! Contact me with your idea for a quote.